Obtained High school diploma at Brehm Preparatory School. Played for Division 1 JUCO Marshalltown Community College for 2 years then transferred to D2 Slippery Rock University Played Junior year then transferred to Peru State College where I played and finished my senior year while obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Professional Studies/ Management. Then played Professional basketball in Iceland. Basketball is important to me because it has opened so many doors for me and helped me obtain a bachelor's degree. I created friendships and mentors that will last a lifetime through the game of basketball and now I have the opportunity to give back and motivate youth to chase their dreams and an opportunity for them to gain a full athletic scholarship through hardworking and commitment. It is important to share your experiences when coaching youth because of the decisions I have made and how I could show youth to learn from the mistakes I have experienced so they can learn from me as an example to better student athletes. Sharing experiences is important because you show the youth what to comes ahead of basketball and the opportunities that the game will open for you. I choose to work for T.Y.O because its a way of saying Thank You to the game that has opened doors for me and to create a culture for youth that they can strive to be anything they want in life through hard-work, preparation and commitment.


I started my basketball Journey with Malton Mavericks OBA at the age of 12. Played my high school basketball in Malton at Ascension of our Lord. After my high school career, I went to play in Europe (Portugal) for 2 years with Vitoria Guimaraes. Basketball is important to me because it guided me and kept me busy through dark times. A lot of the game of basketball has translated into my real life. It has brought forward my best experiences in life along with some of my best friendships. The fact that you get to live the everyday battles with kids’ you coach is an experience I truly appreciate. Developing kids and passing on knowledge that I've obtained is really a blessing. A lot of coaches don't take the time to put in the work for the results they expect. I want to change that. I chose to work with the T.Y.O because it is a tight knit group with people that we consider family. Bonds can't be broken among'st us and most importantly our kids.


My basketball history begins picking up a basketball at 13 at Lancaster Jr. Public School in Malton and playing a lot of pick up ball at the legendary basketball courts at Wildwood Park. I then went onto plat at Westwood Secondary and Morningstar Secondary school where we experienced a lot of success. I’ve been deep in the playoffs, won and lost championship games. At Westwood in my senior year, we were ranked #1 in Ontario. I went on to play at Sheridan College where we were also ranked #1 in the country that year. Its important for me to share my experience with the youth because I have some teachers and coaches along my basketball journey that gave so much of their time for us. I had coaches that opened the gym for us on the weekends, came as early as 6am, or on their lunch just to give us an opportunity to play the sport we love. So, I feel its my obligation to give back. I was working with CIA Bounce prior to the Malton Dawgs for approx. 3-4 years, working with several kids that have gone on to have very successful NCAA and pro careers. I couldn’t let the opportunity to work with kids out of my home town of Malton pass me by. I wanted to be a part of bringing the notoriety back in basketball to Malton. I felt I can touch and hit home with kids there knowing that I’m from the neighborhood and understand where they come from. Its been great working with Coaches.


            Our youth coaches, not only possess knowledge of the game to pass down and teach, but they have and display exceptional character, and a great positive figure for the younger generation. With diverse backgrounds and different experience among'st our coaches the T.Y.O feels that our coaches can reach players and inspire players to do great things.


Skill development coach and former professional basketball player Jose-Ann received a division 1 scholarship to Duquesne University where she broke the school record for most blocked shots in a single season recording 76 blocked shots for the season. She  earned herself a pro contract with the Visby Ladies of the Damligan League in Sweden, and second professional season where she played for Panionios in the Greek league. Basketball is important to me because it best reflects life. It is a great teacher of overcoming obstacles, teamwork, perseverance, decision making and striving for excellence. It’s important to help kids because as a young girl growing up someone took the time to pour their knowledge into me so to show my appreciation for those who has helped me in my development as a player and for those who are to come, I take pride in lending a helping hand to further the youth.


I’ve had an interest in basketball since I was 4 years old. From grade 1-6, I would play for fun against friends at school, in gym class. In grade 7 & 8, we started playing competitive games against other schools; that’s where my passion for the game grew. I was the captain of my Grade 7 & 8 team. I started playing with a house league team outside of school, with a lot of drills and fundamentals. I then started to play with the Malton Mavericks, for a total of 4 years. After that, it was just men’s league basketball. Now I want to spread my knowledge of basketball to the younger generation. I want to share my experience with the youth because I love to see kids succeed in something that they are passionate about, and what they love to do. I like being able to share tips and tricks with them that I learnt while I was growing up. I enjoy being a positive role model to the kids. I love competition and winning, but more then that I love to see young players develop in the best way they can. I chose to work with the Thank You Organization because I’ve known Freddy for about 10+ years. I’ve seen the passion that Freddy has for the game, both as a player and as a coach. There’s a lot of coaches out there these days, that don’t put the kids’ best interest first. . At T.Y.O, it’s all about the kids, keeping them off the street and giving them a positive place to grow and learn the game of basketball as well as having positive role models around them. 


Basketball for me has always been on of many fun activities I’ve ever participated in. Being an athletic player made the game fun whether it was dunking or blocking a shot. Being part of a team taught me sacrifice and to be considerate of others which I pride myself in to this day. It’s our responsibility especially as a man of colour to share all that I’ve learned that got me to where I am today, and to ensure these kids understand life and what’s important on and off the court. Also, having 15+ years of friendship with the coaching staff makes this comfortable for me. I believe in the organizations vision. There’s no place I’d rather be then to do this kind of work with the people I’ve learned and developed in basketball with. Also, can’t leave out that this program runs for a good cause.


            With hand-picked skill development coaches our goal is to reach out to our youth and show them an honest reality that through hard work and consistent skill training and development basketball can lead to many different avenues. Basketball can provide partial to full scholarships if decided to play in the United States; provide opportunities to play in Canada whether it is the OCAA or CIS; and open doors to Canadian and American Prep-Schools. Basketball can lead to post secondary education, as much as we do stress knowledge for the game, our staff will always encourage the importance of post- secondary education and mental toughness to our youth players. 


​​In my youth basketball  had provided an opportunity to develop my skill sets on and off the court.  Also,I had mentors assisting me with everything from my jump shot to how to prepare for tests in school, so my sports and academics could co-exist and help fuel one another. I played in college at Sheridan after high-school and later returned to school this time to University at Algoma. At each level the lessons I learn as a youth like communication, patience, perseverance and determination through adversity came in part or fully from my time playing Basketball along with the mentor-ship from coaches and training staff.  The Basketball environment helped mold and cultivate the steady approach to building towards success I employ today in my personal and professional life as well as when I'm involved in mentor-ship. Working with 'T.Y.O' I believe we can help youth achieve goals they have for themselves by instilling and reinforcing a positive work ethic and grounded approach.


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