TYO Pro camp was established to give our youth first-hand experience at professional type training. The drills are difficult, we push players to be not only physically tough but mentally tough as well. Our camps try to prepare players for the next level.  Our goal is to train players, coach, and prepare our players to conduct themselves in a manner that any professional player would.  


 SUMMER 2017           

We strive for our players to develop beyond what they thought they could in the sport of Basketball by constantly pushing young players outside of their comfort zone for constant growth to be accomplished. Help young campers develop confidence, self esteem, positive attitudes when facing challenges, and a general IQ for the sport. Collectively we plan to push our young players in many facets such as shooting, ball handling, passing, defence, individual growth as well as team play, encouraging our players through mental challenges, while also pushing them mentally to advance mental toughness that is needed not only in basketball but also in life.


2018 Camp M.V.P was a tough choice! Both campers displayed determination, a great attitude, sportsmanship, and overall basketball skill improvement. The coaches could not decided... However we found a solution.

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Summer 2018 TYO introduced leadership hour to spark debate and discussions on topics such as the NBA, WNBA, EURO-League, NCAA, and even personal experiences that involve basketball. This allows the campers to discuss a range of topics while seeing different perspective from fellow campers, and challenges them to see a different side of basketball. We believe by doing this we give them a broader perspective of the game beyond stats, and ratings; such as, Does this player demonstrate good character? Is this player involved in the community? Is he/she coachable?  Does this player bring positive energy? Discussions and debates are important because it sparks great insight on how different players view the game.  Another  focus for the summer was the introduction of junior coaches. These were grade 8 players going into grade 9; not only did the help guide our younger campers but they also received their 40 volunteer hours required to graduate. we put our junior coaches in the coaching position as well, giving them a coaches perspective from the side line giving the a different outlook on the game.


           We enable them to compete, as well as teach humility, team work, and sportsmanship. We touch on many aspects of the game and push our players to better leaving then when they had arrived. However, the most important goal is to have fun. 



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