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 College/ University: Texas Tech University | Big 12 Conference- Lubbock Texas USA, D1

Professional Career:

* 5 year Professional

-Euro League Belgium

-Euro League France

-Euro League Germany

Video Highlight:

          Basketball is and will always be important to me, because it has been a tool that has gotten me through many obstacles in life. Not only has it assisted me in my personal life, but it has also helped in my efforts to attain post secondary academics, build important long-term relationships, gained new experiences foreign and domestic, it has opened many doors and given numerous opportunities that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Hence the well-known term "Ball is Life".  To describe how basketball has uplifted my life is a challenge, because basketball for me is an escape from everyday life and worries, it’s a place to be raw and unfiltered, to be competitive yet compassionate, it’s a place where you can go through many different emotions and feel noting but exhilaration at the end.

          Hence the purest way I can described how basketball has uplifted my life and granted opportunities is “truly blessed”.   Our youth are not only important to me, but they are important in general because they bring positive energy into my life, and to those around them. I have put myself into a position where I am accountable for something greater than myself when I work with youth. That responsibility gives me a purpose to be more than just a teacher, a coach, a mentor, and a friend.  I've always wanted to provide our youth with opportunities that I never had while growing up. I want to open doors for the youth to show them that their dreams are attainable and that I am living proof. To re-establish the idea that a solid work ethic, persistence, and determination will allow you to reach your goals in life. I want to challenge our youth to never give up in time of adversity but to push through.


T.Y.O was established with the idea to influence youth in a positive direction through basketball. Our organization goes beyond basketball; mentor-ship for our youth are important for both male and female. Our staff is diverse, come from different background and experiences that can relate to the youth on a personal level as well as basketball. Our organizations staff chooses to share their experiences because we give our youth more outlets to express themselves to someone they feel that they relate too, which allows them to blossom and share; hence we development comfortable mentor-ship, rather than environment where they feel forced or uncomfortable. T.Y.O believes that the youth of our community need a positive outlook towards the future, which we believe through basketball that can be established. Through elite level basketball development, discipline and leadership, we strive to provide new opportunities to the community’s youth.

          This is a very close look at one of the struggles, and one of my most proud accomplishment. My education is something that I value, and is a very important tool that was needed to move forward in my life. I feel our youth fail to realize how important an education is, and I want to express how much value a sound education can provide.  This is an honest look at what some of our youth struggle with, and through basketball resources such as,  tutors, and counselling, were provided to be successful academically, and through this experience is part of the reason I have became  a Certified Teacher.



C0llege:  California University of Pennsylvania- USA -D2.

Professional Career:
* 3 Years Professional
-Drafted 11th overall NBL Canada
-Orangeville A's
-Halifax Rainmen
-Buffalo 716ers

Video Highlights:


          With faith and determination, I am a part of something that is forever growing and that is the game of basketball. I am proud of where I have come from because it has shaped me into the person I am today, and it has given me the ability to relate with the later generations of youth, and it has taught me that there are many different journeys to be taken to reach one's goals. Its time to send the elevator back down to share my knowledge and experiences with our future successors!

             The youth are extremely important in many ways, they have the ability to be acquire and retain knowledge, youth are resilient and can adapt to the most challenging situations, and most importantly these youths are our future. Being able to mold youth into young adults who can see the world positively with optimism and hope is something that T.Y.O hopes to achieve!  Basketball is a very important tool to use to achieve many goals and reminding our youth that basketball can open many doors and give numerous opportunities whether it is on or off the court. 

            We as adults as coaches, mentors, teachers, and friends are examples to our youth so why not lead with a positive and healthy example, in turn starting a cycle of inspiration, hope, and fostering influential young adults.   A part of personal growth is experiencing both positive and negative consequences and sharing it with the younger generation. Being a part of the T.Y.O is a tremendous blessing, because it allows me to not only share my knowledge and experience with the younger generations it allows me to be involved in their lives in an influential way.

             Basketball is my identity, it's what I embody, it's what I do, it’s my career, basketball is just who I am. This sport is extremely important to me because without it I could not image the person I would be today. It has shaped my life in way that I could have never foreseen, for example graduating from university, being able to represent my country, being able to travel the world, and having the life long memories that I have received through my experiences. Basketball has allowed me to live my dream of playing professional basketball at the highest European level. I have played in countries such as Belgium, France and Germany, and I have no plans on stopping.

            Being a part of Canada Basketballs Central Performance Program open another door for me to be chosen as one of twelve girls to represent Canada at The National Elite Development Academy. Playing AAU basketball with Sultans Prospects which opened the door to a Scholarship offer to Texas Tech University in the Big 12 Conference, which open yet another door to play overseas. There have been many hardships and obstacles that I had to face and being a woman in a male dominant sport was one. Being told it was “un-lady like” or “you’re not good enough” and “basketball is for boys” is extremely discouraging at a young age and was very detrimental to my confidence as a young female. However, determined and persistent I pushed through, because what example would I be to anyone if I were to quit. 


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